Emmerson Group

Training & Development

We believe that improving the capability of people is the key to getting organisational results.

We take a practical approach to development. We provide both individuals and teams with frameworks for shaping their day-to-day work practices. We seek to support constructive behaviour that is aligned with what research suggests is most useful.

The topics we cover are all about leadership and management and are founded in relationships. We are particularly known for responding to the unique environments of our clients and being able to orient the learning to fit the clients' culture.

Emmerson Group continually undertakes research to ensure we are connected to what is internationally regarded as current contemporary best practice. From this research we construct training workshops that are appropriate for New Zealand settings.

Our training & development includes:

  • Interpersonal Communications Training - This training develops skills in listening, communicating and dealing with differences. It is appropriate for all levels of staff especially for those in roles that demand high levels of people interaction. The course is regarded as the best in NZ for developing foundational interpersonal communication skills for strong relationships.
  • Participatory Leadership - The training enables new and experienced leaders to understand the nature of the leadership role. They explore their own principles and beliefs and learn the skills that a leader needs to be effective. We place an emphasis is leading yourself, to then lead people, to effectively lead the business.
  • Leading Change - The learning centers on understanding how change works and the tools to successfully bring about change. Participants are shown common pitfalls to avoid in the process, and strategies to support change success. The material focuses on the people aspect of change, how people react, and the strategies to support others engaging in the change.
  • Persuasion & Influencing - This is an ideal training for managers who need to influence others to achieve sustainable outcomes. The theory base recognises the importance of relationships to effective influence. The training will develop the skills to be more influential, especially useful in complex role relationships.
  • Coaching Skills - The training is for managers and experts who need to learn more about how to develop others. Participants will become fluent in applying a proven process to support others development. Participants learn the attitudes, framework, styles and skills needed to be more effective in their coaching of others.
  • Relationship Management - This training teaches a set of useful relationship management principles and provides a model for supporting the active management of relationships. It covers practical guidelines and processes for establishing, building and maintaining meaningful work relationships.
  • Leading Teams - This training enables team leaders passionate about creating high performance teams, the theory and tools to make it happen. Participants learn the elements of success and the tasks needed to make it happen.
  • Facilitation Skills - This learning provides a way of facilitating groups that supports high levels of participation. It uses a simple framework to guide facilitation practice. It will explore how to effectively manage group dynamics, the sets of processes for engaging others and how to use purpose as a silent leader.