Emmerson Group

Relationship Management

"Techniques and technology are important. But building relationships is the issue of the decade." - John P Kotter


This course is of value to people who:

  • wish to focus on the skills and processes necessary to develop and maintain very high quality relationships
  • require skills to repair and rebuild relationships


This course is a fast-paced and stimulating blend of theory and practice. It includes:

  • mini presentations on key theory and working frameworks
  • small group discussion and activities
  • analysis of own capacities
  • personal reflection and action planning


Course content comprises of:

  • current trends and research regarding the role of relationship management in the modern working environment
  • how to use high level listening skills to build relationships
  • skills of advocacy and enquiry as key relationship building components
  • equity theory as a framework for maintaining relationships
  • principles of effective persuasion
  • approaches for dealing with value differences
  • empathising skills and principles

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