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Persuading and Influencing Others

Persuasion can pull people together, move ideas forward and forge constructive solutions. To do all that, people must understand persuasion for what it is - not convincing and selling, but learning and negotiating.


You will learn:

  • key principles and models for influencing and persuading others
  • what research tells us that is different from conventional wisdom about how to most effectively influence others
  • the fundamental conditions for influencing
  • how to create and maintain trusted relationships that support influencing
  • strategies for persuading different personality types
  • how to deliver persuasive messages and avoid missing critical moments
  • how to use high level listening skills to understand others perspectives
  • skills of advocacy and enquiry as key relationship building components
  • approaches for managing resistors to change and new ideas


This course is a fast-paced and stimulating blend of theory and practice. It involves:

  • consideration of key concepts and relating of these to your own situation
  • analysis of actual situations in which you want to persuade and influence others
  • active participation in practice situations
  • reflection on workshop learning and assessment of your own strengths and needs


As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  • understand the elements of effective influencing and persuasion
  • positively influence people at various levels, peers, key stakeholders, senior management
  • use your communication skills to effectively negotiate with others
  • grow your relationships with others
  • identify areas where you can make small changes to your current approaches to make big differences in people's willingness to say yes to your requests/thinking

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