Emmerson Group

Leading Teams

“History has brought us to a moment where teams are recognised as a critical component of every enterprise – the predominant unit for decision making and getting things done. Nonetheless, most aspects of existing infrastructure have yet to capture the significance of teams.” - Peter Senge


This two day course will be of value to you if you:

  • currently lead a team and wish to enhance your knowledge and skills
  • currently lead a team and are experiencing team and teamwork problems
  • are newly promoted to a team leadership situation
  • wish to understand what inhibits and what enhances effective teamwork


The course is designed to be a highly active and interactive learning experience, which asks participants to:

  • consider key concepts and relate these to their own needs and situations
  • participate in the practical use of the skills and strategies involved
  • observe and be observed by others, accept and offer productive feedback
  • actively help others learn
  • reflect on the course content and plan for implementation in the work setting
  • assess own competencies as a team leader


You will learn:

  • how to decide if a team approach is appropriate to a given situation
  • recognise the characteristics of an effective team
  • frameworks to guide team action and behaviour
  • skills and strategies to deal effectively with differences that emerge as a team develops
  • skills and strategies to attain and maintain high level task performance from teams
  • how to systematically develop the skills of your team members.

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