Emmerson Group

Leadership Training

“Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress” - Alfred A. Montapert


This two day course will be of value to you if you:

  • have a current leadership role
  • wish to develop enhanced leadership skills
  • wish to become more effective leaders of others
  • desire to have a greater understanding of the role leadership plays in effective


This course is designed to be a highly active and interactive learning experience. It asks you to:

  • examine your current situation and leadership style
  • reflect on areas of strength and those where you have room for development
  • develop a personal leadership development plan
  • take responsibility for adapting ideas and planning for use back in your workplace
  • actively participate in skill development sessions in small groups
  • be positive and enjoy the journey


You will learn:

  • the differences between leadership and management
  • the 5 practises and 10 commitments of successful leaders
  • current leadership theories
  • how some of those with whom you work perceive your leadership
  • the importance of vision
  • how to develop a unique and authentic vision
  • how to clarify personal and organisational values
  • why some leadership styles can be more effective than others

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