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‘Leaders who ignore coaching are passing up a powerful tool. Although coaching does not scream “bottom-line” results …it delivers them.’ - Daniel Goleman


This one day course will be of value to you if you:

  • require a strategic approach to helping others to improve their workplace performance
  • have some knowledge of coaching and wish to develop specific coaching strategies and tools
  • have a strong "lead from the front-directive" style and wish to complement this with
    "facilitative- developmental leadership attributes and skills
  • want to build capability with others you lead and manage


The course is designed to be an active and interactive learning experience. It asks you to:

  • consider contemporary coaching approaches & concepts and relate these to your situation
  • practice using coaching skills in rehearsal situations
  • reflect on course learning and assess your own strengths and needs
  • make an action plan for implementation of course learning


You will learn:

  • a clear definition and description of coaching
  • the characteristics and domains of effectiveness of five approaches to coaching
  • how people learn and how to analyse learning needs of others
  • how to use a powerful coaching model to help others to take charge of their own
  • to recognise and address barriers to effective coaching
  • about the role of a coach

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