Emmerson Group

About Us

Emmerson Group is a collection of people committed to working with to working with groups, and individuals to help them bring about new and better ways of working. We draw on our 21 years of consulting experience and continued updates of the latest research to guide how we work.

Helen Emmerson, BCom, BHSC

Helen is the founder and leader of the group. She has a strong conceptual and practical approach to organisational and people development. Her keen interest is in the health area. Helen is a professional facilitator who specialises in leadership, facilitation of development processes, team and group development, and manager mentoring. She is well respected for her work with organisational change initiatives and senior management teams. Helen is highly regarded in her facilitation skills. She has extensive experience in working with senior teams and has recognised skills in bringing new teams together to form a shared vision and focus.

Helen Emmerson

Geoff Childs, BEd, Higher Dip Tchg

Geoff has an extensive background in education and training. He has been a successful teacher at both primary and secondary levels, and continues to be involved in teacher education and professional development for teachers. His qualifications in education, economics and public sector give him valuable skills and insights into the relational needs of organisations, and the pragmatic constraints that can conflict with those needs. Geoff's background has combined teaching with educational administration and change management. This provides him with valuable insights when working with managers bringing about change. He has particular skills in teaching groups with diverse skills and needs, and in creating positive environments for learning.

Geoff Childs  

Office Staff

Our professional administrators, Caryl and Sue, support the core team in its work. They provide the logistics, communication links and structure to ensure we fulfill our work programme requirements.